serverlogin via ssh

posted by on 2013.07.12, under mac, Nerd, reminder

If you want to login via ssh-key you might check this blog-entry!

Works pretty well!

vim basics

posted by on 2013.05.16, under mac, reminder

i - Insert
ESC - Insert abbrechen --> command mode
d - delete
dd - delete current row
P - paste (in front of the cursor)
p - paste (behind the cursor)

: - starts a command (if you are in command-mode)
x - save & quit
w - write / save
q - quit

bash alias anlegen

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.profile im Home Verzeichnis öffnen:
kod .profile

Beim Verwenden von zShell muss man statt der .profile die .zprofile nehmen!

Anschließend einen Alias reinschreiben:
alias yeah="cd /Users/niggeulimann/work/fb4.7/TARGET"

Terminal neu starten – freuen!

show/hide hidden folders

posted by on 2013.05.15, under mac, reminder

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 1 && killall Finder

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 0 && killall Finder

Also good to know:
alt + right click on the Finder-Icon offers the possibility to relaunch the finder!

Symbolic links on a mac

posted by on 2013.05.08, under mac, reminder

Instead of searching the same things over and over again, I will try to memorize some stuff…

Today: Sim-links

Open a Terminal and create it:
ln -s /Users/<username>/linkOfYourTargetFolder /Users/<username>/linkOfYourSimLinkFolder

I use simlinks to switch between my stored AIR-Sdks:
ln -s /Users/niggeulimann/work/sdks/AIR_3.8_beta /Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ Builder\ 4.7/eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.349722/AIRSDK

Further Infos to Sim & Harlinks


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